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Program Levels

Practice schedules are set according to the coach's time preference.  We cannot tell you exactly when your child's practice will be until the season's teams have been set.

Playground soccer is for our 3 year old players. They must be 3 by the first practice of the season.  AYSO Playground is a child development program. The objective of this program is to help develop, in collaboration with parents or guardian, the child’s fundamental motor skills using soccer as a common thread.  Sessions are no more than 60 minutes at a time (including rests and breaks). Our Playground group meets one night a week on a designated night (which may vary from one season to the next). There is NO COMPETITION at this level.

Schoolyard soccer is for 4 year old players. The objective of the Schoolyard program is to introduce players to basic soccer drills and skills while emphasizing the importance of teamwork and fair play. Players will work on passing, dribbling and kicking the ball while working together as a team. They do not have scheduled games against other teams but may have a 'fun' game with other Grant teams during practice.

6U teams are co-ed and usually have practice for only 1 hour per week.  They will play a small-sided game against themselves for the last 10-15 minutes of that practice.  They do not have scheduled games against other teams, nor will they have games with referees during the regular season. They may have scrimages with other Grant teams during practice times. The focus for these age groups is to have fun and build skills, not to have competitive game play.

8U level teams are co-ed and have practice once or twice per week (total of 60 minutes), with games on Saturday mornings.  Their games are usually against other U8 teams from within the Grant region, but may have some local travel.  These games will have 1 referee on the field.

10U - 19U level teams are usually not co-ed, and have practice twice per week, with games on Saturdays (Sundays for U19).  If there is a co-ed team, they will play in the Boys division.  Games are against other teams from outside the Grant region, and will require some travel.  These games typically have 3 referees (one on the field, and one on each side line), though sometimes we have to rely on parent help for sideline referee duties.

Tournaments are usually arranged at the Area level (Grant Region 1472 plays within Area A), and are for 10U - 19U levels.  Players that are 8U age level, but that have been bumped up to 10U level for the regular season are not eligible to play in tournaments.  Tournament locations may change from year to year, based on which regions are interested and capable of handling tournament organization and execution. Team entry into a tournament is optional, and carries a separate registration fee.  There is a 4 v. 4 Tournament in the Fall, and a standard tournament in the Spring. To play in either tournament, players must be registered for regular play during the season in which the tournament is held.

Age Divisions


AYSO has just rebranded its renowned VIP Program to EPIC, standing for Everyone Plays In our Community.

Launched in 1991, AYSO’s VIP Program was established to give players with intellectual and physical challenges, the opportunity to play and enjoy the beautiful game. The EPIC rebrand is designed to remind AYSO members and the surrounding community that AYSO is a place that everyone can play, no matter your ability. 

What is AYSO EPIC?

The mission of the AYSO EPIC Program is to provide athletes with disabilities the additional support they need to fully participate in a quality soccer experience. The ultimate goal of the AYSO EPIC Program is to provide a holistic AYSO experience for players, families, and volunteers, from team uniforms, to playing on a team, to cheering from the sidelines, for all participants.

What is an EPIC Buddy?

EPIC Buddies assist during the games in which players learn soccer while meeting new friends, having fun and increasing skills and self-esteem. Players and their families, along with our volunteers, enjoy the complete AYSO experience – team uniforms, scoring goals, cheering from the sidelines, and beyond! The vision of the AYSO EPIC Program is to create teams in every AYSO Region to maximize opportunities for EPIC player participation.

EPIC & How it Relates to AYSO’s Six Philosophies

The AYSO EPIC Program is designed to give children and adults a soccer experience that incorporates the six AYSO Philosophies:
  • Everyone Plays: In EPIC, Everyone Plays without regard for their disability.
  • Balanced Teams: Teams are created to maximize opportunities for player participation in age-appropriate groups for maximum player safety and experience.
  • Open Registration: The EPIC Program is open for all athletes with disabilities from ages 4-99. There are no try-outs, and all players are welcome.
  • Positive Coaching: Players’ efforts are recognized and encouraged toward achieving their personal goals. The use of EPIC Buddies may support players during the game and create an additional element of positive coaching and support.
  • Player Development: Players are afforded opportunities to play the ball helping them to build on previously learned skills. Family members are involved in learning soccer fundamentals to support the development of their players. Players are encouraged to participate in physical movement at their individual level to help them maximize their physicality.
  • Good Sportsmanship: Players learn the importance of teamwork and fair play by recognizing and celebrating the efforts of all team members. Family members are also encouraged to model good sportsmanship by cheering from the sidelines for all players.

What are the EPIC Goals and Objectives?

 Goal: Players will have fun playing soccer

  • To introduce all skills by using games
  • To allow players to set the pace
  • To relax and be flexible
  • To keep everything positive

Goal: Players will understand the fundamentals of the game

  • To give each player plenty of opportunities to play the ball
  • To build skills on the success of previously learned skills
  • To involve family members in learning soccer fundamentals

Goals: Players will learn teamwork and fair play

  • To build teamwork and fair play into practice sessions
  • To encourage team identity by wearing uniforms and participating in team get-togethers
  • To reward positive effort when teamwork and fair play are observed

Goal: Players will increase their self-esteem

  • To establish individual, realistic goals with players
  • To encourage effort toward goals, no matter how small
  • To recognize player effort and achievement

Goal: Players will become more physically fit

  • To encourage maximum participation in physical movement for each player at his or her level
  • To facilitate player participation in off-season physical activities or sports

Goal: Players will meet and be comfortable with new people

  • To encourage parents to play a supportive, not active, role during games
  • To facilitate the development of positive player relationships with buddies and other volunteers
  • To utilize community helpers
For more information, please contact our EPIC Coordinator, Brianna Pierce at [email protected]

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